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What to study in London? :: Check the University subjects list

Choosing to study in the best universities in London , attend specialized courses or go to high school in England is a goal that many young Italians and not so young people have, especially because of the possibilities that such a path could offer. Obviously, going to study in London also becomes an investment from a work and professional point of view because it will be easier work in England after a course of Anglo-Saxon studies.

Surely, it is not a very simple path – the distance from home, a new language and a culture different from ours – but moving to London , specifically, and then choosing to live in England , will certainly be one of the best choices and professional investment. that you can do for your future.

Here are some resources, divided by fields of study, for those who want to move to study in the capital of the United Kingdom, find an internship or participate in a study holiday.

Study medicine in London

Enrolling in medicine is a bit longer than deciding to study physiotherapy or nursing in London , this is because the Italian education system is different from the British one and, therefore, first of all, it is good to understand how teaching works. university for the Faculty of Medicine.

        The course of study is divided into three steps:

  • Medical School : it has a duration of 5 years, one year less than our Faculty of Medicine and, at the end of the five years, students obtain the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery ;
  • Foundation Training : after that it is necessary to enroll in Foundation Training , comparable to our two-year master’s degree (with three-month internship included);
  • Specialization course : at the end of the Foundation Training it is possible to apply for admission to a GP training (for the general practitioner) or to a specialty or run-through training (for the various specializations) to obtain a title in the desired medical specialization. A three-year course for general medicine, more for other specializations;
  • Once the specialization course has also finished, it will be possible to enroll in the General Medical Council (GMC) in order to practice the profession.

Where to study in London if you want a career in health care?

Among the best universities to enroll in the Faculty of Medicine, also perfect for studying obstetrics, pharmacy or dentistry in London, we see:

  • Queen Mary, University of London;
  • University College London;
  • Imperial College London.
  • Studying architecture

Where is it best to study architecture in London?

If your desire is therefore to go to study architecture, among the best universities to choose from we have:

  • London School of Architecture;
  • The Cass School of Architecture – London Metropolitan University;
  • University of Westminster;
  • University of the Arts London – Central Saint Martins.
  • Study economics in London

Even deciding to undertake a university course in economics or to study marketing is a path chosen by many young people and which, very often, ensures a great future.

Similarly, studying finance in London is also a choice that is expressed by many, thanks to the potential in the fintech sector that the capital of the United Kingdom offers.

Among the best universities for marketing or economics between two to choose:

  • University College London;
  • London School of Economics;
  • Queen Mary, University of London;
  • SOAS University of London.

Studying psychology in London

Instead, choosing a humanities faculty such as psychology or studying criminology in London could be perfect for all those who are not satisfied with Italian universities or who want an international curriculum.

Among the best universities in the psychological humanities sector, perfect to tell the truth even for those who would like to study journalism, we have:

  • University College London;
  • Birkbeck, University of London;
  • Queen Mary, University of London;
  • City, University of London;
  • Roehampton;
  • University of the Arts.

Studying law in LondonStudying law is perhaps one of the most popular choices among international students who wish to embark on a career – in the judicial field – in England or, in any case, in an Anglo-Saxon country.

Among the best universities of London to choose from, we find:

  • London School of Economics & Political Science;
  • UCL (University College London);
  • King’s College London;
  • Queen Mary University of London;
  • SOAS, University of London.

Highly recommended for this type of study, as well as often mandatory, to attend a specific course to obtain a language certification. Studying English in London is in fact one of the favorite choices of many young people who both intend to increase their language level and want to obtain a certificate of knowledge of the English language, very often required for admissibility to many university addresses for the curriculum. law and more.

Studying design in London

Studying interior design is one of the favorite choices of many architecture graduates who wish to take a specialization or by the many who prefer to train at an international level and have an advantage when looking for a job.

Also for anyone who wants to study different art curricula, the UK capital is a great choice, vibrant, modern and full of cutting-edge university curricula.

particular, the best institutes for the study of interior design, fashion, art history or art in London are:

  • Goldsmiths College;
  • The Slade School of Fine Art at UCL;
  • Chelsea College of Art at UAL;
  • Ruskin School of Art at Oxford;
  • University of East London;
  • Kingston University London;
  • Camberwell College of Arts at UAL;
  • Royal Academy of Arts.

Studying in London after Brexit news ? An absolutely possible dream

Even if the Brexit situation is still unclear to date, choosing to study in London is by no means a wrong decision.

The implementation of Brexit, at least in its first transitional period, will certainly not prevent European citizens from continuing to come and study in England, especially as European Union citizens will continue to enjoy the same rights as British citizens.

A very interesting point, especially if we consider that it will be possible to study in London, or in other cities of the United Kingdom, paying exactly the same tuition as an English citizen and being able to access funding for studies from the English Government.

After Brexit is implemented, in fact, even Italians will have to pay as much as non-EU citizens (sometimes even double) but, even today, the situation is not fully defined. Studying in London has, in fact, not entirely cheap costs and having the possibility of being able to access scholarships, just like the British, will not be a trivial matter.

Who do help you to study in London ?

Smart Move Education Group is a student recruitment consultancy based in London who offers support for those looking to get into education. We understand the difficulties that come with the admission process and aim to help every student that walks through our doors. Whether it be choosing a course, an institution, starting an application or simply understanding the requirements, we offer our services to simplify the process.

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