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Things to know if you want to study in the UK from EU

Going to study in uk, who wouldn’t want to do it tomorrow? Every year, many international students come to the UK to study. It doesn’t matter if it’s just one week of English study, one year as an Erasmus student or maybe a summer study holiday. England has always attracts many students and offers undergraduate courses (but not only) of the highest level and are recognized around the world.

So, if your dream is to go and study in Great Britain, here is everything you need to know about English courses, the best universities, the possibilities of family or college study holidays, the costs and possibilities of applying for scholarships. study or funding and many other useful tips.

How to go to study in England

If your intention is to go and study in the UK, know that – despite the latest ” Brexit news ” – it’s simpler than you might think in terms of bureaucracy.

In fact, among the documents that you will have to apply for to be able to stop and study in the UK there is only the Settle Status or the Pre-Settle Status (for those who have never lived in Great Britain before and will want to live there before 31 August 2020 ), which is a document proving your legal status and certifying that you are an EU citizen within the United Kingdom.


How to enroll in English courses or at the University

Regarding the enrollment procedures, if it is an English course or a study holiday, then it will not be particularly complicated and you just have to apply and then pay the referral costs at the College or School you have tracked.

If, on the other hand, it is a university, it is important to know that the qualifications necessary to access the English higher education system depend on the path you intend to undertake.

In general, in fact, it is necessary to have completed at least 13 years of education in the country of origin or in the United Kingdom and have obtained qualifications equivalent to UK A-levels or national diplomas.


Study holiday in the UK

Holidays or study trips to England have always been among the most fashionable English learning experiences among Italians and foreign students in general.

In fact, a study stay in this country, even for a few weeks, can really help any student, be it high school, middle school or university, to improve the level of knowledge of the English language.

In principle, study holidays in England are suitable for both children and middle school children , therefore minors, and older children (aged 14 and over) up to adults (of any age) and even children. workers .


How much does a study holiday in England cost?

With regard to costs, it is possible to find holidays or study trips in the UK starting from £800-1000 per week with full board or half board accommodation in college or homestay.

Normally, these costs are amortized when you choose to do more than a week, for example three or even a month, and therefore spend proportionally even more than 50% less and therefore get to spend 1200 euros maximum for two weeks. for family study trips (as college or residence accommodation for study holidays in Great Britain are usually more expensive).

Unfortunately, these study holidays are rarely cheap or low cost and, considering that normally it is a complete package of accommodation and lessons (40 hours per week usually) and, often, also including extra-educational activities such as trips out of town or sports activities, it is difficult to get away from these reference costs.


College in England for study holidays

There are many companies or agencies that offer study trips to the United Kingdom and, particularly loved by those who have already taken part, there are certainly the study holidays offered by EF , a company with many years of experience in the field of training abroad and which has always great reviews.


Study English in England

Going to Great Britain to study English, exactly like summer study holidays, is a rather popular choice and, even in this case, you are really spoiled for choice in terms of courses or places to go.

In principle, those wishing to study English in the UK can choose both homestay accommodation and the option of residing in a residence or college but, as a rule, people choose to stay with a host family, both for convenience and for being able to spend more time in contact with people who speak English like native language.

As for the costs, even studying English in England is not entirely cheap , both for adults and for minors, and in principle it ranges from 250 up to 400 euros per week for an intensive course. Clearly, then, depending on the certification you want to obtain or your needs, the costs may vary but it will be difficult to deviate from these prices.

In fact, for this very reason, there are many adults or young people who go to England to study English and, in the meantime, work by choosing a part-time or full-time job and going to school in the evenings or on weekends.

Finally, if you choose to move to find a job in Great Britain, we recommend that you read our guides on how to work in England or work in London .


Where to study English

Among the best cities to work and study English in the UK , its capital clearly stands out. In fact, the choice to study English in London gives the opportunity to live in one of the most interesting cities in the world and to find a job very quickly.

Alternatively, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Glasgow and Liverpool are also great options for studying English and working in the UK .


Tuition fees: how much does it cost to study in England?

The fees to study at the University in the UK are among the highest in the world but, fortunately, there are both scholarships that can be requested and concessions for those who want to attend a Masters in this country.

In fact, tuition fees at a university in England or Wales are around £ 9,000 (or more) per year or nearly € 10,000 , while in Northern Ireland the fees are around £ 3,500 per year.

In the universities of Scotland , on the other hand, students residing in EU countries do not pay university fees .


Where to study: which university to choose

Regarding universities, if you wish to study in the medical-scientific field , for example obstetrics, psychology or criminology, osteopathy, physiotherapy, nursing, dentistry or veterinary, we recommend that you check between these UK universities:

  • University of Oxford
    University of Cambridge
    Cardiff University
    University College London
    Imperial College London
    Queen Mary University of London
    University of Edinburgh
    University of Glasgow

If, on the other hand, you want your career to be more oriented towards architectural studies then we strongly advise you to check the courses of the University of Cambridge or Oxford .

Otherwise, if you want to specialize in economic or engineering studies in England, the must-haves are certainly:

  • University College London
    University of Edinburgh
    University of Manchester
    King’s College London (KCL)
    London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
    University of Bristol
    University of Warwick


Universities in England and the UK: where to live?

Study in UK Universities – There is a wide variety of safe and modern accommodation on offer for students in the UK.

Colleges and universities in England provide dedicated solutions and will help you find the right kind of environment that is perfect for your needs.

Many universities and colleges have residences on site or nearby.

In shared apartments , students usually have their own bedroom, often with a private bathroom.

To help you with planning in this article you will find the main options:

University-owned housing

Most UK universities reserve places for new students within their residences. The solutions can include single rooms with shared kitchen and living room or independent studios .

You can also choose a room with a shared lounge equipped with a catering service (with a dining room where you can buy cheap meals) or with a kitchenette (with kitchens where you can cook your own food), depending on your preferences.

All options are extremely comfortable and good value for money, with services such as wi-fi, insurance included in the rental cost and direct contact with the university in England.

Most of the classrooms welcome both female students and students, but there are options for shared accommodation with people of the same sex from the same university.

Private accommodation

Many students in the UK live in private accommodation from the second year onwards, experiencing life beyond their school campus.

Most of the private student accommodation is already furnished, but you may need to bring your own cooking utensils and bed linens. You will also need to take into account the utility costs, which are separate.

The rents in the UK have a clear regulation, so in case of problems will be easy to solve everything through your university in England.

Luxury accommodation

Many UK cities have luxury buildings built for students. Accommodations range from independent private studios to apartments. Residents can expect cinema halls, 24-hour security and concierge, gymnasium and designer accessories: for a college experience to scream!

Homestay accommodation

The accommodation in a foster home could be a great opportunity to experience first hand the British culture. Your university could help you with the organization, or you can contact one of the homestay housing agencies that work with Smart Group Education  .


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