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Why Kampus

Kampus Group Ltd is a leading international student recruitment Agency  in London. We provide free advice and guidance to students wishing to study in the UK. Kampus Group was born to focus purely on the international education market. We have successfully placed students in some of the best UK universities, enrolled in a range of popular programmes such as law, economics, medicine, engineering, and business. We are renowned in the student community as a leading international student recruitment agency in the whole of the UK.

We take pride in connecting students from around the world with educational institutions, driving them to take the next step in building their future. Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds including China, India, Middle East, America, Italy, Germany and more. We believe everyone is entitled to a good education, working to turn the dreams and personal ambitions of students around the world into a reality by helping them study abroad.
Our experienced advisors help you through every step of your application process, supporting you on your applications, and personal statements for Language, Foundation, Undergraduate, Pre-Masters, Masters and PHD programmes. Additionally, we offer guidance for tier 4 visa applications, funding and scholarships, and finding student accommodation. Our leading international student recruitment agency in London is here to help you ease into the process.
Our free and personalised approach means you will be well prepared for your arrival in the UK, and won’t be faced with any surprises, unexpected costs or unknowns. You will be provided with all the necessary information through our dedicated admissions team, online support, and studying in the UK blog.
We will continue to focus our efforts on building strong relationships with both our students and partners, as we seek to grow our international presence further. Currently working with a wide range of Universities and Higher Education Colleges, Kampus Group is rapidly expanding and proving the excellence of its services to students and partner institutions alike. At Kampus Group we pride ourselves in being one of the leading international student recruitment agencies in the UK.


For Students

  • Advice on choosing a course
  • Full, up to date admissions information and application assistance to prospective students, enabling informed decision making
  • Free support throughout the application and enrolment process
  • Eligibility checks
  • Visa support
  • Finance guidance
  • Pre-departure and post-arrival guidance and follow up

For University Partners

  • Attracting a diverse set of students from around the world
  • Thorough assessment of prospective students’ educational abilities and profile to ensure right-fit
  • Promoting up-to-date and relevant university information as found on your site or communicated to us directly
  • Marketing your university courses and events while adhering to your brand guidelines


10 reasons to study in the UK

Where can I study?
Kampus group has partnered with a wide range of institutions which can be found here. Our partners are predominantly in the UK, however we also work with institutions across Europe and worldwide. Enquire now to learn more!

Am I guaranteed a place on the programme of my choice?
This would depend on your academic and extracurricular achievements and the institution’s requirements, as well as the level of competition for your cohort. If you are unable to get accepted on your preferred programme, we may be able to help you secure a place on a different course/university, or assist you with the pre-university requirements to be accepted.

Can I get a scholarship?
Some institutions offer full or partial scholarships based on academic, extracurricular merit, as well as financial need. We can help find suitable options according to what is available at the time of application.

My English is not excellent, can I still be offered a place on a programme?
You must fulfill the language requirements for your university of choice. If your English level does not meet their specific requirements, we can advise you on how to meet these or offer you a place at a language school in the UK.

How much does it cost to live in the UK as a student?
Living costs in the UK differ based on which city you live in, with the cost of rent in London exceeding that of other cities. According to Save the Student, total living costs for students average £695 a month excluding university tuition fees, but this will vary depending on the region. You can read a full breakdown here or learn more about living costs in the UK by reading our blog.

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