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English universities – why choose an English university?

English universities – where to study?

English universities – you have decided to study abroad, you have chosen a course: now you have to dedicate yourself to selecting the English universities to which you can apply!

The table below provides a starting point, as it ranks the top twenty UK universities and also highlights their global ranking:

English universities – what should i consider?

Everyone is different. We all have specific interests, preferences, lifestyles and hobbies. Some people can’t imagine life outside of a vibrant city environment and crave excitement, nights out, access to constantly changing galleries, concerts, shows and exhibitions, the buzz of traffic and busy streets.

Others want a softer pace of life. They love smaller towns, the sense of community that comes from seeing familiar faces, knowing where everything is and the comfort of a manageable staircase. These students may prefer the historic British streets, bicycling from home to university, cafes and small intimate shops to busy urban centers with their department stores, shoving crowds and transport networks.

The British universities offer a wide range of campus, iconic locations and atmospheres: you’d better start thinking about your preferred lifestyle. After all, you will be spending three years or more at university, so it is very important to make sure that your choice of university in England suits you in every way and that you will be happy where you live. While leaderboards are, of course, important, they don’t tell the whole story and you’ll have to weigh many other factors, which we’ll touch on now.

Universities in England – is transport efficient?

Most European students will want to go home at least once or twice a year or invite family and friends to visit them while they study in English universities . It is worth finding out if the journey to and from your institution will be simple and cheap, or complicated and therefore much more expensive.

Check the nearest airport and the companies that use it, check flight times and costs, and be sure to add any transit fees, such as the cost of a train ticket, shuttle bus or taxi, to get an idea of ​​comparative prices. Remember, not all UK regional airports fly across Europe and you may find that there is no direct connection to home or that you have to fly to and from London.

Internal transportation is also important . Some towns are small enough to cycle or walk through, while others are huge and you may find yourself living in the suburbs or suburbs to save on housing costs. In this case, you will need to buy a travel pass, rent an Uber or take a taxi after the evenings with friends.

English universities – what is the teaching style?

The English universities all have their own style of teaching, and this will determine the way in which the course is delivered and evaluated. Likewise, the modules covered in a single subject will vary enormously, from one university to another, so it is necessary to examine the course schemes very carefully, to get an idea of ​​what elements are emphasized and to find out if the content actually meets your needs.

The balance between theory and practice is also different, with some UK universities working closely with industrial partners and offering work on projects and practical internships, while other universities tend to focus on theory. For example, not all engineering courses include an intermediate year, and not all universities that teach history will cover the period you are interested in studying.

If you are particularly interested in spending a quarter or year abroad, at a foreign university, you need to make sure you check if it is available and where.
Kampus group education is here to help, so please feel free to call or email us your requirements and we will guide you and help you find exactly what you are looking for.

We can also put you in touch with one of our mentors, who will be able to answer your questions about the approach to teaching in a specific course and what to expect in English universities .

Other points to consider when considering English universities :

  1. If you intend to get a part-time job, you will have more choice, more opportunities and greater chances of success if you live in a large university or metropolitan city;
  2. In general, the north of England is cheaper than the south in terms of the cost of living;
    Housing will be your biggest expense and it may be easier to find a place to rent in a large city than in a small one – where you may have to live some distance from campus;
  3. It is worth examining the support for your professional career and the advice offered by the universities you are considering, as well as the links they have with industries in the local area;
  4. Try to clarify exactly what you are looking for before you start sifting through the courses. Put your list aside for one night and review it with fresh eyes in the morning. See if you have forgotten anything.
  5. If you are feeling frustrated or stuck, or just want to look into some ideas, contact kampus group. We will be able to give you more advice on your options and offer you tips, information and help in choosing among the excellent English universities .

Before you we sent thousands of students to universities in England and we have the experience, resources and contacts to make a difference. Get in touch with us!

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