Most Popular Courses to Study in UK

Most Popular Courses to Study in UK

While thinking about studying in UK, generating a list of most popular courses in UK will be a very easy way to start. We have enlisted 10 most popular courses for graduates and undergraduates with facts and figures. If you already know what your interests are and aimed career, that’s great. But if you are confused with the different factors like, employ-ability, eligibility, fresher’s job market, tuition fees and other factors, this can help you out.

List of The Most Popular Courses to Study in UK

Business and Administrative studies
Business and administration studies includes studies of the different sectors of business such as finance, management studies, accounting, economics, human resource, marketing etc. Each sector has a great value and is fresher’s job market. Competition is quite high in those areas and hard work will pay off.

Employability: No matter where you decide to in the world, a UK degree of business studies will always get you through the pipeline. Right now, with 74% of the business graduates in UK are showed to employed by research and 5% are successful entrepreneurs.

Tuition fees: Average tuition fee for international students is £8,000 – £18,500. For EU/EEA students, it should be £6,000 – £9,250.

Nursing (Adult)
In this global pandemic, nurses around the world have played a vital role to defend in outbreak. If you are a warrior in your mind and have a passion to serve and care for people and the society, nursing is a brilliant choice. UK is one of the most popular destinations to study nursing. Your communication and people skills will play a important role in your application to study this subject. You can plan for studying in any sector from, adult nursing, Children nursing, mental health or Learning disability nursing.

Employability: You can use your nursing degree anywhere in the world. The standard of learning nursing is quite similar everywhere. You can start with a job as a midwife, paramedic, home nurse, paediatrician, or a social worker. The demand of nurses is high that of right now 94% of the UK Nursing graduates are employed with an average earning of GBP 24K.

Tuition fees: Average tuition fee for international students will be £8,000 – £18,500 a year. For EU/EEA students, it should be £6,000 – £9,250

Law –
From movies to real life, a Law degree from the UK has been a hype in every country. People choose the UK to study the legal system because of the great academics it has along with the mixed environment in UK. Thousands of students come to UK to study law. This mixed cultured groups develop the perfect skills in a law graduate to practice law further. There are many students studying Law not to practice law but to know and serve the society and businesses. In that case one can always choose short diploma courses on Law in UK.

Employability: With a degree in law you can directly go for a vocational training to become a solicitor or barrister. But most of the law graduates practice law in private sector. There is always a demand of law students in academia, politics, media, banks etc. Currently 62% of the law graduates are hired in UK and 13% are further studying. An average starting salary of a law student is GBP 24,864 in UK

Tuition fees: Studying full time law can be expensive up to GBP 24K a year. But it depends on your university criteria and scholarship options.

Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Engineering is a vast area. All types of engineering have different demands in the market. But UK has a great module to study Electrical & Electronic engineering. If you are fascinated with the physics and mathematics and creative in your own way this is your choice. Invention is a key role to play in this area. This degree can help you make a change in the society.

Employability: The subject is in high demand in the aerospace industry, network engineering, broadcasting, and IT consultancy. 74% of the UK EEE students are employed within 6 months of their graduation earning an average salary of GBP 26K.

Tuition fees: Average tuition fee for international students will be £8,000 – £16,500 a year.

Media and Communication
Media and communication are an area where you get to explore yourself. Being a hub of too many global Media and communication Companies, UK attracts the international students here to study the subject. You can study Journalism, Film & TV Studies, Screenwriting, Digital Media, Film, Photography and Media.

Employability: This degree is a pack of skills to make you strong and confident enough to serve as a great presenter or researcher. The most common job roles that graduates go for are media planner, program researcher, TV runner, journalist, and producer. 65% of the UK graduates in this course are currently employed with a starter salary of GBP 22K on average.

Hospitality & Tourism
If you are fascinated about the travelling and accommodation industry, this might be your way to gather skills in this field. Worldwide, millions of hospitality services are prospering every day. Once you have the skill and knowledge, you get a challenging career with numerous opportunities ahead. You can choose your field in Heritage Studies, Hospitality, Tourism & Transport or Management Studies

Employability: Global chains like Mariott, Hilton, Red carnation are actively recruiting UK graduates in this sector. Fresh graduates usually starts their career as training and development, front office and reservations, marketing, sales and events, product development and business operations. 77% of the graduates are employed with an average starter salary of GBP 23K.

Computer Science
Assessing the need of computers in Daily life, Computer science is now a huge deal to study. It has two sections to choose, hardware and software engineering. Similarly learning AI, Health informatics, games designing, programme development etc are offered to study in this area.

Employability: Most common jobs in this sector are as IT consultant, database administrator, games developer, media programmer, network engineer, systems analyst, IT trainer and teacher.

Often professional organizations look out for graduates in this area. Currently 73% of graduates of Computer Science have gone employed in the months after their graduation with an average salary of GBP 29K.

Tuition Fee: A 1 year course in this area would cost EU/Home students £7,995 and Internationals £14,000. a year

Education (including Teacher Training)
Education and training are not just learning teaching. It includes Sociology, philosophy, psychology, and history as well. The UK has been holding world records on maintaining a unique education curriculum and teacher’s excellence. This is the perfect place to train yourself to be among the great teachers and researchers. There are more courses for Education including Academic Studies in Education, Research & Study Skills in Education and Training Teachers.

Employability: A further study in PGCE (Postgraduate General Certificate in Education) course, or on the job training in schools (SCITT) can provide you with an opportunity to become primary and secondary school teachers in part of the world. Many works as media and publishing agent, education officers, community service agents. However, 80% of UK graduates of this area are employed within mere months after graduation with an average starting salary of GBP 24K

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