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Benefits of the Post Study Work Visa (PSW) in UK

UK Post Study Work (PSW) visa are going to come into place this year on Summer 2021 semester. Academic Education Explains here how you can get Benefits of the Post Study Work Visa. It is a break-through for international students. Considering the job aspects, we would say, the students with graduate management program degrees are surely to benefit with this. The rule is mentioned as the Graduate Route in UK.

All international students studying in UK nevertheless studying for a graduate or a master’s degree, they will get a work experience of 2 years in within the UK through the Graduate route. This is to mention that the students will be completing their PhD on or after summer, 2022 will get to stay and work in UK for 3 years.

Benefits of the Post Study Work Visa

How you are benefitted
If you are an international student holding a Tier-4 VISA whilst applying for this opportunity, Congratulations. You are also eligible for this. But take in mind that, by the time your applying, your Graduate level degree is completed in UK with a track record of compliance.

Once approved, Eligible Students on this route will get to stay in UK for up to 2 years after completing their graduation/ Post Graduation course. During this time, they will be able to stay and work, look for suitable jobs, and even switch from job to job if they find it suitable enough. The PhD holder students will be able to all this for 3 years instead of 2.
The route is going to be launched in the summer semester of 2022. Therefore, students, who started their course and are about to finish on or after summer, are eligible for the benefits of these rule.
The new immigration rules have stated that, holding a skills shortage position in a job will add an additional 20 points for the immigrant. Hence, why students meeting that criterion will be benefitted in securing residency in UK for themselves during that extra PSW time.
It is previously mentioned that you will get benefitted by this route if you are an applicant of 2022-23 sessions. But it is more of an exciting issue that due to covid-19 and travel banning issues, even if you are starting your degree online from your home country, you still get all the same facilities for your PSW permit.

Things to keep in mind
If you are about to complete your degree in summer 2022 but are unable to travel to the UK yet, make sure you arrive by April,6 – 2022. Yet you will be eligible to apply for it when it launches. Just complete your final semester and go for it.
If you are enrolled in a one-year master’s course in January 2022, make sure of your arrival in UK by 27th September 2022 to complete your final semester in the UK to be eligible to apply for the PSW permit.
The Graduate Route will require a new visa application including the payment of a visa fee and the newly stated Immigration Health Surcharge.
To know more about how you can start your courses online and finish it in UK followed by applying for a PSW permit, contact us for easier solutions on your case.

Post Study Job prospects for fresh Graduates
The covid-19 has surely affected the world’s economy hence the UK job market. It will be wrong if we tell you that you will get a job as soon as you graduate, or jobs are waiting to hire all the young graduates.

The recent times has shaped the UK job market in such a way that, it is on hunt for the right talent on the right job. Job opportunities will surely be ripe, but it will be welcoming for only the right talents. Fortunately, most of the institutions will shape your abilities in a skilful manner while graduating. If you are already a part time working type of student in UK, you got the experience in your resume to show off your talent. So, you still have time to gather experience before summer 2022 to secure a post study job for your future.

On the verge of a Post Study Work VISA
The PSW visa allows fresh graduates to stay and work in UK for 2 years exceptionally for 3 years for PhD holders. As mentioned, the PSW visa holders can choose their jobs correlating to their skills in this period. They can switch jobs to jobs considering a good pay or more suitable skills and benefits.

When a PSW visa is about to expire on the verge of 2 / 3 years of time, you must apply for a “general work visa” or a “skilled work visa”. To apply you will have to meet all the criteria of a Tier 2 visa which eventually secures you a residency in UK. It usually states that you must be paid at least £30,000 per year; for some jobs, this level can be higher or lower.

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