10 reasons to study in the UK

The Best Countries to Study in As an International Student

  • Are you interested in studying abroad destination after college? Whether you’re majoring in science, commerce, or even arts, there are multiple enticing options in undergraduate, postgraduate, master’s degrees, diplomas, or Ph.D. ‘s.International students are constantly looking for the best countries to study abroad that ticks their priorities such as a safe country, one of the best education systems, a multicultural country, and affordable. Whether you’re looking for a big or small country, there is something for everyone.Despite unending studying abroad destinations, here are six of the top countries that offer excellent education systems at affordable fees as well as safe for international students.

    1. Canada

    Canada has been rated as the number one study abroad destination by international students from 50+ countries for over a decade. Canada is the most sought-after studying-abroad destination because Canadian universities and colleges offer unparalleled academic opportunities at an affordable price for international students.

    In addition, Canada also offers safer living with one of the lowest crime rates globally, great student life, good job opportunities with good pay, a multicultural environment that respects every religion, zero racism, and a set high standard of living.

    Canada has been a pioneer in computer and IT (information technologies), holding its prestige for excellence in engineering, transportation, advanced software, telecommunication, nuclear powers, biotechnology, and many more sectors.

    Canada is home to world-class educational institutes ranked among the top QS World University Rankings.

    Best courses to study in Canada:

    Web and Mobile Application Developers
    Medicine and Healthcare
    Project Management — IT
    Computer Programmer
    Cyber Security Specialists
    Big Data Scientists and Data Analysts
    Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    Digital Marketing Specialists
    Business Development
    Media and Journalism

2. The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is the second-best most popular country for studying abroad by major international students, attracting over 500,000 students every year. The UK has a lot to offer its student, no matter what your interest is. Studying abroad can be expensive, but the UK provides affordable costs compared to the US.

The UK colleges and universities consistently perform highest in world university rankings for decades, holding a solid reputation for world-leading research centres and high-quality education. Alongside developing their study skills, a UK university or even a college degree is recognized internationally, attracting multiple big employers.

While Canada and the US universities and colleges offer 4 years of undergraduate courses, UK universities and colleges provide 3 years of your undergraduate studies. Thus, the students will save a year and can even opt for working full-time after graduation.

The United Kingdom has a lot of amazing things to explore while you’re studying; therefore, the students have unlimited access to the gorgeous UK and European destinations. In addition, the UK has excellent transportation access by road, high-speed rail services, and low-cost flights to European countries.

In addition to the excellent education system, the UK NHS (National Health Service) offers you free health and medical coverage for international students. As healthcare is pricey within the UK, international students benefit from the offer. Though there may be certain fees when the students fill prescriptions or get specific medical services, the cost will be lower than the actual fees.

Business Analytics
Accounting and Finance
Computer Science
Medicine and Healthcare

  • 3. The United StatesOver decades, the United States has been one of the top three picks to study abroad. This is because US universities have long reigned for offering you world-class education systems globally. In addition, the US is a powerhouse for an brilliant education system and technology.There are more than 5500 plus colleges and universities in the US offering over 1000+ programs; therefore, whatever interests you, you can find any subjects that suit you.

    Over time, technology has become integral part of the world system, and introducing it into the education sector has aided an incredible number of great things. The US colleges and universities overs perfectly blend practical subjects with academics and research, and extracurricular activities.

    Completing an education degree from a US college or university would impress anyone, especially high reputed organizations. Therefore, studying abroad in the US is no less than preparing yourself for needed transferrable skills and opening a door for amazing work opportunities.

    In addition to the excellent education system, one can find diverse cultures, races, ethnicities, and religions in the US; therefore, it is a fantastic place for international students.

    Best courses to study in the United States:

    Business Management
    Mathematics and Computer Sciences
    Social Sciences
    Physical and Life Sciences

  • 4. AustraliaAustralia is home to some of the best universities, and out of 50, five of their universities are listed in QS World University Rankings 2022. Australia has a robust academic excellence reputation in the global market; thus, a degree from an Australian university carries weight and prestige that enables students to work in the world’s best companies globally.Australia’s education systems are more focused on practical and research-based work, pushing students to get creative and think out of the box. In addition, Australian universities offer lower tuition fees than Canada, the UK, or the USA; therefore, studying abroad in Australia won’t break the bank.

    Australia has many more things to offer, crystal clear beaches, kangaroos, scenic roadways, and many more. In addition, Australia is blessed with incredible wildlife, natural beauty, and breathtaking landscape. Therefore, students have great fun and experience while studying.

    Australia is a melting point of diverse culture and a country that offers a wide range of multi-cultural cuisine. Therefore, extensive diversity, harmony, and multiculturalism reduced the cultural shock for the international students while studying abroad.

    Best courses to study in Australia:

    Tourism and hospitality management
    Computer science and information technology
    Biomedical engineering
    Agricultural sciences
    Actuarial Science
    Core engineering
    Earth sciences

  • 5. New ZealandNew Zealand has continued attracting students from across the globe with an appetite for educational excellence and a thirst for adventure. New Zealand offers high-quality education, and some major universities that are ranked top within the QS World University Ranking, including The University of Auckland.New Zealand offers environment friendly approach to immigrants. The country is voted second safest country globally after Iceland, with a high rate of living and low crime rate; therefore, it is an excellent country for studying abroad, allowing the students to learn and live peacefully.

    New Zealand offers the British Education System and has one of the lowest education tuition fees compared to places like the UK, the US, and Canada. In addition, New Zealand offers a world-class stature for creative energy, cutting-edge technology, and research.

    Best courses to study in New Zealand:

    Computer Science and IT
    Civil Engineering
    Health Care
    Business Management


6. Germany

Germany is home to a lot of excellent colleges and universities globally. According to the QS World Rankings 2021, out of the 1029 universities, 46 German universities were featured on the list. In addition, Germany’s top eight universities are on the list for the Top 150 Global universities.

In 2014, the German government decided to waive significant public undergraduate university tuition fees, as they believed education should be accessible to all. The fees waived have made Germany one of the best places to study abroad globally.

There is no secret that Germany is a pioneer in technology and innovation, from high technology cars — Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, etc. to the best consumer products; Germany has it all. Moreover, Germany is home to the top-rated global research institutes in manufacturing, engineering, and information technology.

Germany is in central Europe, and it made it accessible as an unbeatable European destination, an excellent opportunity for international students to explore while studying abroad.

Best courses to study in Germany:

Maths & Computer Science
Business Management
Natural Sciences
Fine & Applied Arts
Life Sciences

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