Obtain an internship in the field studied

Obtain an internship in the field studied

An internship can help you integrate more easily in the country where you chose to study, get to know people and their culture, but also learn the national language more easily.

In addition, an internship while studying can help enrich your resume and work experience. It can also provide you with a job immediately after graduation, if your employers were satisfied with your work. And besides all these benefits, you can earn an extra penny :).


1. Why it is important to apply for an internship
To have a successful college career, you need more than a degree. You need real-world experience, the right skills and expertise to succeed in a competitive and ever-changing job market.

You have to choose carefully, this will not define the rest of your professional career, but it can be a great start.


Even the great Steve Jobs was an intern at the beginning. He did a summer internship with Hewlett-Packard and met his co-founding partner Apple, Steve Wozniak. Not bad, is it?

If you have not yet convinced yourself of the importance of an internship, here are some of the benefits of an internship and it plays a crucial role in getting a job after graduation.

It helps you develop enough communication skills in different environments, by meeting new people.
It tests problem-solving ability and flexibility to overcome new challenges and uncertainties.
It makes you aware of global trends and issues.
It helps you to discover yourself, to rely on your beliefs and values, making you more self-aware.
It offers an opportunity to improve your negotiation skills, as in many countries negotiations are part of everyday life.
It presents you with different ideas, processes and work habits.
It allows you to build a global network.
Add a unique point to your resume to help you stand out from the rest.
Provides an opportunity to learn and develop language skills.
It gives you an advantage over other candidates, because employers are looking for candidates with international experience.

2. Can you get a paid internship?
There are many internship options to choose from. Some are even paid and include benefits such as accommodation and travel.

Organizations looking for trainees often turn to colleges and universities that specialize in the fields in which they work. For example, a financial services company in London could go to business schools to find candidates for their internship programs. Similarly, an NGO providing medical treatment in developing countries could contact medical schools.

Some universities have career centers through which they manage international internship programs for each field. If your department has a career center, you can be guided in finding paid internships abroad. The advantage of this approach is that you will probably qualify for every opportunity proposed by your department.


However, if there is a specific company you are interested in working for, you can search their website to see if they offer internship programs to students. If you do not find any information, contact the organization directly by e-mail and express your interest in future opportunities. You can also check out some online portals dedicated to students from abroad looking for internship jobs. We can recommend some of these to you:

First Internship
Global Experiences
And don’t forget, in the current period of the pandemic, you can also focus on online internships, occupy your free time and develop your skills for your future career.

As you can see, there are many benefits to practicing abroad, including experiencing different cultures, work environments, trends and habits, as well as networking with new friends. This will make you a more confident professional after you return home. You might even love the place and decide to work there after graduation!

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