Apply to study in the UK from Nigeria

How to apply for UK University admission from Nigeria?

The UK government plans to grant more study visa to Nigerian students so that they can study at UK universities.

There have been a growing number of international students from Nigeria seeking admission into UK University’s. But many Nigerian students do not know how to apply for admission at UK Universities and which documents they need to submit & which information to provide. They may often not have enough information and are not aware of appropriate document requirement and where they should send them. The purpose of this article is to provide Nigerian students detailed guidelines about applying to UK University for admission.


Study Foundation, Undergraduate & Postgraduate Courses in the UK

Now there are more opportunities for the Nigerian students to study and graduate from the UK. The UK is one of the best places for Nigerian and students of any culture to pursue their degree and gain higher education. UK universities welcome their applicants from the Nigerian students with open arms as it is a very diverse and multicultural country which have people from most nations contributing to the development in one way or another.


The UK is one of the most popular destinations for the students of Nigeria to study in the undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Currently, we are offering a comprehensive selection of undergraduate and graduate programmes of some of the best universities in the UK.

The entry requirements for Nigerian students

  • Undergraduate Study
  • We accept the equivalent of the below qualifications from a recognised overseas qualification:
  • We normally require WAEC/ A levels. (if you have WAEC with C6, you do not need IELTS) with an IELTS score of at least 5.5 or above

Postgraduate Study:

Applicants can be considered for most postgraduate courses with a bachelor’s degree with good grades from a recognized University


PhD Programmes

Good grades in bachelors and master’s degrees are awarded by a recognized university, and a strong research proposal

Entry requirements will vary from the different courses, so it is always advised to check with the institution of your choice to make sure of their entry standards.


Available Scholarships for The Nigeria Students


Several Scholarships offered by UK universities to the students applying from all over the world for their higher education including Nigeria based on their merits and needs. Most Universities in the UK offers up to £6000 scholarships for their international students.


Why Study in The UK from Nigeria?

In the UK the Undergraduate and postgraduate courses can be shorter than in other countries which can be a helpful for the international students to keep the cost of tuition fees and their living expenses down.

  • UK higher education degree have a remarkable global reputation
  • It’s very easy to research the right course for any person by visiting the UCAS website.
  • UK study will help students to develop excellent language skills. The English language is of has real importance in today’s business arena
  • The UK maintains a very extensive history of welcoming international students to study in its universities and colleges. In the UK last year there were up to 1.8 million full-time undergraduate students in full time higher education, which included more than 104,000 international students.
  • Universities of the UK are reviewed regularly so they can ensure they uphold the high standards of learning, teaching and research set by the Government.
  • The cultural diversity of life in Britain with higher education is unrivalled as a place the UK is a place of divergences and culture, where antique buildings sit alongside modern architecture.
  • International students are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week during term time and full-time during holidays.
  • British University provide their international students with financial help with tuition fees, and some additional help, reliant on family circumstances.


Why choose to study in the UK from Nigeria?

A rapidly growing economy in Nigeria simply doesn’t have enough universities to meet its large and youthful student populations. Almost two-thirds of 1.5 million admission seeking students do not get any place at any public university in Nigeria. And higher education at private universities in Nigeria can be costly, they prefer to study abroad, and Studying in the UK is a great choice by Nigerian students.


Some of the major benefits for Nigerian students from UK study and UK Degree are listed below:


 Top quality degrees:

UK Degrees are highly valued and are internationally recognised – with a degree from UK, graduates are more likely to get you high profiled jobs almost immediately after gaining the qualification, with high salaries and obtain swift career promotions.

 Reasonable tuition fees, affordable living costs


Tuition fees for UK universities are comparatively lower than other countries. Besides when courses have shorter durations save you money on tuition fees and your living costs for a year or more. Living costs at UK towns are affordable and can be offset by your earnings from jobs.

 Straightforward admission and visa applications


Admission applications to UK universities are straightforward and UK student visa application process are simple and well structured. 

 No time cap in study


There is no time limit at the postgraduate level course for students – they can study if they want if they fulfil the terns & conditions of enrolment and meet the specific university admission criteria.

 Earning from student job

Nigerian students will have work permits on their student visa and will be able to look for work part-time during term-time and full-time work during academic holiday’s. There will be also opportunities to work full-time if the course has work placement.


 Post Study Work visa

Nigerian students will be entitled to apply for 2 to 3 years post study work visa under the ‘Graduate’ scheme when they complete the degree in the UK. With this visa they will be given the opportunity to work full-time and gain work experience, develop skills, earn money, and improve professionalism – To take away to their home country.


Nigerian students at all levels can apply for the student visa extensions and can be moved into another immigration route from within the UK. This can lead them to settlement visa in the UK.

 Access to world class health service

UK National Health Service (NHS) is renowned for their quality and services. International student will be granted access to these facilities via registration at GP Surgery and hospitals. They may get most of the services free as they paid for International Health Surcharge at the time of their visa applications. Which could be very expensive in other countries.

 Safe campus

UK university campuses are free from political bias, and other discriminations, social violence. Students can enjoy a pleasing educational experience at safe and peaceful space and environment.

 Gateway to Europe

Students can easily have access to travel to many European countries from the UK during weekends and holidays and can enhance their experience during their UK study. It does not take much time or cost much money, but it does add more value to your personal profile of students.


international students in the uk

Required documents for Nigerian students who want to apply for PhD/MPhil course

  • Master degree certificate, marks certificate & academic transcript
  • Bachelor degree certificate, marks certificate & academic transcript
  • Higher National Diploma certificate & official academic transcript
  • National Diploma certificate & official academic transcript
  • A Levels/O Levels Higher National Diploma certificate & official academic transcript
  • International Baccalaureate diploma certificate & official academic transcript
  • Nigerian Certificate of Education certificate & official academic transcript
  • WASCE certificate & official academic transcript
  • SSCE certificate & official academic transcript
  • Research proposal
  • Published journal/article/book etc. (if any)
  • Passport copy
  • Two academic reference letters on official letterhead, recently dated and signed
  • National Youth Service/Internship completion letter/certificate (if undertaken)
  • Work experience letter (if any) &
  • Up-to-date CV
  • Documents related to change of name i.e. birth certificate, affidavit, newspaper publication etc.



Students who have previous visa refusal/s for any country under any category

  • All documents detailed above (as applicable)
  • Copy of visa refusal letter/s
  • Administrative review/appeal decision letter (if done)
  • CAS statement/Visa letter issued by the University if the refusal/s was/were for study visa
  • Your own statement defending the refusal reasons

Students who were in the UK/other country for study before

  • All academic progress i.e. certificates/transcripts achieved in the UK/other country
  • Home country qualification certificates & official academic transcripts (as applicable, see above)
  • All visa letters & CAS statements used for entry clearance & visa extension
  • Entry clearance & BRP copies/Visa copy/copies
  • Copy of relevant passport pages including page stamped by home country immigration at airport when arrived
  • Two academic reference letters on official letterhead, recently dated and signed
  • Work experience letter (if any)
  • National Youth Service/Internship completion letter/certificate (if undertaken)
  • Documents related to activities undertaken after your return to home country
  • Up-to-date CV
  • Documents related to change of name i.e. birth certificate, affidavit, newspaper publication etc.



International students from Nigeria saw 347% increase in visa to study in the UK in 2021 compared to 2020, placing Nigerian students at the 3rd highest nationality for UK study visa (Source: Home Office). In the UK’s recently updated International Education Strategy Nigerian students are in the priority list and UK government plans to grant more study visa to Nigerian students in coming years

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