High-Paying Jobs in The UK That Demand a master’s degree

High-Paying Jobs in The UK That Demand a master’s degree

With advanced technology in play, choosing a stable career that pays well while having a work-life balance is can be one of the most challenging decisions. Even though technology has almost replaced all work, certain things still need the human mind to work. Do not forget that every technology is a human creation.

There are all sorts of exciting career opportunities in the United Kingdom that demand a master’s degree, and in return, the career will help you meet your financial expectations! Here is a list of the top 6 highest-paying jobs in the UK to help you decide on the most suitable profession!

1. CFO — Chief Financial Officer

Course: Master’s in finance and Accounting | Median Salary: GBP 124,000 per annum
CFO — Chief Financial Officer is the top financial officer in an organization. The role represents one of the most important components of an organization – maintaining a healthy balance between a company’s finances. which includes minimizing risk management, allocating assets, managing company expenses, enhancing profitability, ensuring compliance, managing the finance department, preparing audit reports, along with designing a financial strategy that helps the company scale.

2. CTO — Chief Technology Officer

Course: Master’s Degree in Computer Science | Median Salary: GBP 65,800 per annum
An organization’s Chief Technology Officer manages the company’s technology framework, ensures cybersecurity, designs data protection for the company’s products/services quality assurance, stays up to date with advanced technology trends and incorporates proficiency into the company’s technological approach, and many more.

CTO is needed in multiple sectors such as automotive, defence, IT (information technology), and companies that are real dependent on digital platforms for their work.

3. CEO — Chief Executive Officer

Course: Master of Business Administration | Median Salary: GBP 99,000 per annum
In many organizations, a CEO is a key and high-profile role that oversees business operations, which includes creating long-term objectives, serving as the company’s principal authorized person, directing the company’s management, and ensuring the company culture is maintained. Being the CEO of a company has an strong influence on many aspects of the business.

To be a successful CEO, one needs to have great leadership skills, perfect communication skills to develop various business strategies, high ethics, and commercial expertise.

4. Senior Aircraft Controllers, Aircraft Pilots, Flight Engineers

Course: Master’s in aerospace engineering | Median Salary: GBP 100,000 per annum
Aircraft Pilots, Aircraft Controllers, and Flight Engineers their jobs that carry a huge responsibility as their work is associated with the safety of the people who travel via flight. To handle this job, one needs to be highly professional, maintain and have good mental health, and have outstanding leadership skills.

The primary responsibility of an aircraft controller is to coordinate the airplane pilot at crucial moments, such as take-off and landing, monitoring aircraft while they are in the air, and directing aircraft effortlessly to minimize delays.

Aircraft Pilot’s primary responsibilities include studying flight plans with weather conditions, calculating fuel, transporting passengers, and coordinating with ATC and flight engineers for safe travels.

The Flight Engineers are the ones who are responsible for checking the aircraft components ensuring the engines are working, looking after any mechanical issues, assisting in pre-flight navigation, and analysing flight-related gauges and mechanisms.

5. Specialist Medical Practitioners

Course: Doctor of Medicine (MD) | Median Salary: GBP 37,000 to GBP 70,000 per annum (depending upon the doctor’s specialty, it can vary).
The United Kingdom has one of the finest health care systems globally. Despite the challenging career, Medical Practitioners in the UK earn a very high salary. As health care is one of the most demanding sectors, Specialist Medical Practitioners are in demand in the UK. On average, it’s estimated they earn around GBP 1220 per week.

Some of the most sought Specialist Medical Practitioners in the UK are Haematologists, Ophthalmologists, Paediatricians, Radiologists, Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Gastroenterologists, Child Psychiatrists, Physiatrists, Neurosurgeon, and Oncologist.

6. Advertising and Public Relations Managers

Course: MSc in Advertising and Public Relations Management | Median Salary GBP 25,000 to GBP 40,000 per annum (PR directors — attract salaries of up to GBP 100,000 per annum)
Advertising and Public Relations are the top ten highest-paid jobs in the UK. The task of developing a strong network and representing the company in the market is their responsibility. The PR managers execute effective communication, do market research, prepare advertisements and are responsible for the media relations programs.

The PR managers are the ones who stand between the organization and the market. To evaluate the opportunities that will affect the company’s growth, it needs a solid and effective communication strategy.

Final Thoughts

More than any other country in the world, the United Kingdom attracts millions of migrants each year. The UK has a robust economy, amazing cultural history, art, accessible healthcare, social security benefits, among many more things.

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